Red Velvet cake with cream cheese frosting!
7 May 2016
Mini Lemon cheesecakes with Lemon curd
26 May 2016
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Red velvet cake pops with sprinkles

The weather is starting to get really upsetting here in Milan. Last week it was really warm and sunny and all of a sudden this week everything has became dark and gloomy. Isn’t it supposed to be May? Last year this week I was wandering around town in my favorite jean jacket and now I have to get out of the house with my winter coat on. Seasons are really starting to change, aren’t them? Climate change really scares me. We should talk about it more and actually do something about it. But what could a girl sitting on her bed do? Nothing I guess.

Moving on, I was trying to battle depression from the super dark and gloomy weather and I decided that the only way to feel a tini tiny bit better was baking. You guys know that even though my blog is supposed to be a lifestyle blog, most of my posts are about baking. And this post is no exception (but you probably guessed that already by the title). If you guys have seen my latest post, the amazing and glorious Red Velvet cake I made for my 5th anniversary with my boyfriend, I had some cake left overs from when I cut all my layers. The first thing I wanted to do was throw it away, but then I realized that I had also stored some cream cheese frosting in the fridge. I couldn’t just throw them away. They were too delicious and it would have been such a waiste! So I decided to combine the two together and make Red Velvet cake pops!

Cake pops are such a fun treat to make. Everyone loves them. They are easy to eat, they look amazing and they taste just like a friggin’ cake only bite size. You can find the recipe for both the red velvet cake and the cream cheese frosting here. To make the cake pops you’ll only need left over cake, left over frosting, chocolate and sprinkles. Here is the recipe:

To make the Red Velvet Cake Pops:

  • Red velvet cake
  • cream cheese frosting
  • 100 gr white chocolate
  • 100 gr dark chocolate
  • sprinkles


Take your cake and crumble it up into a large bowl. Add the cream cheese frosting and stir untill sticky. Take small pieces of the mixture and rub it in between your hands to form small balls. Set them on a baking sheet covered in parchment paper. Melt the dark chocolate in a glass bowl over simmering water. Take your cake pop stick, dip it in the chocolate and press it into the balls. Let them rest in the refridgerator for at least 30 minutes. When your little balls are all set and cold, melt the white chocolate and let it cool a little. With the help of a spoon cover the cake pops in chocolate (make sure the chocolate is not too liquidy otherwise it will drip down and won’t stick to the cake pop). Finish your cake pops with sprinkles and let them rest in the refridgerator until the chocolate is set. Enjoy!




  1. Giuseppe says:

    Buonissimiiiiiiiiii! Li ho assaggiati 😀

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