I left my heart in Budapest…

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7 February 2016
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21 February 2016
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I left my heart in Budapest…

On February the 8th my boyfriend and I flew to Hungary for a couple of days. We got to Budapest without any expectations. We honestly thought we were going to spend a nice and relaxing vacation in a nice hotel, but we could have never imagine that we would fall in love with this beautiful city. I loved everything about Budapest. I fell in love with the beautiful buildings, the people, the bridges and obviously the food! So i thought that I would write you down a few of my favorite places to visit and to eat in Budapest if you are planning to go visit it.

The parliament: When I first saw it my jaw completely dropped. Budapest’s parliament is bigger than the Westminster. During our visit, we saw it’s amazing rooms covered in gold and we had the chance to see the crown that all 16 kings and one queen wore during their reign. The best part of it though is that at night it lights up and you can see it in all it’s magnificence.

The hero’s square: There is something magical to this place. It almost feels like the soul of the heros is there with you. The square is right at the end of Andrassy road where you can definetly do some shopping. I highly recommend to visit it at night. The atmosphere is quite surreal. It was probably one of my favorite places in Budapest

Schezeny’s baths: If you go to Budapest, you have to visit it’s terms. We chose Schezeny’s bath. They are right behind the hero’s square and they are amazing. Basically the buiding is shaped like an oval. In the middle there is an outdoor pool. It was absolutely amazing beeing able to take a dip in the pool in february. The water was really hot and outside was really cold but it felt amazing. Inside there were different steam rooms, warm pools and you could also book a massage.

Paprika: This reataurant is to die for and it is also very cheap. The owner and the waiters are super nice and welcoming. We didn’t have a reservation (it was wednesday night I dind’t think we had to book a table) but still they found a spot for us and treated us with amazing food. I chose a pork steak grilled with garlic and bacon with rosted potatos and it was absolutely delicious. Ypu can find it near the hero’s square.

The Fisherman’s Bastion: to see it you have to cross the bridge and go up to the Buda side of the city. It is such a magical place. You can see the whole city from up there and it looks like you are in a completly different era.

The Chain Bridge: It’s probably my favorite bridge of the city. Especially at night when it is all light. I loved walking on the bridge at night.

The general Market: when you enter in this market you’re hit with 100 different smells. Not only they sell fruit, meat and all the usual products that you would expect in a market, but also they have amazing spieces and different kinds of paprika that you have to try. I highly recommend eating there. They have different kinds of typical foods. We loved the gulasch. It’s a typical soup with meat, vegetables, potatoes and paprika. So good!

The sweets: on our last day we tried the Kurtoskalács. It is a kind of vanilla falvoured bread covered with caramellised sugar and you can have it with chocolate, coconut and walnuts. I adore it!

I hope you guys enjoy this little list. Let me know if you have ever visited this magical city or if you are planning to!





  1. princiemi says:

    Sembra veramente fantastica… Fai venire voglia di partire subito 🙂
    Il dolcetto che sembra un camino invece l’ho già assaggi ed è buonissimo 😀

  2. Two fantastic days! Very beautiful trip and a perfect reportage. Compliments, it make to come the desire to visit soon this splendid city. Hi, have a good week end. 😀

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