Summer essentials – Gold and light blue

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26 July 2015
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24 August 2015
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Summer essentials – Gold and light blue

I am a very boring person when it comes to colour selection during the winter. I am the kind of girl who would always wear whites and blacks for every occasion. Black ripped skinny jeans with a white and black top, black leather booties and black coat to top it all off. So when it comes to summer I try to play more with colours. This summer I have become litterally obsessed with gold and light blue. I think that these two are the best colours to go with a tan. So these are my summer essentials flash tatoos, gold and silver rings, a light blue bag and nail polish and my favorite h&m bracelets.

While I was shopping in Milan during the summer sales, I found these amazing flash tatoos in Stradivarious. I saw these everywhere. In instagram photos, on magazines and they are all over pinterest and twitter. I think that these tatoos would look incredible on tanned skin. I fell in love with their patter and their colour. I think that I would probably put a few small triangles on my left shoulder and a gold string around my arm. I absolutely love them.

I am pretty obsessed with nails and I think I found the perfect colour for summer. This nail polish is by the brand wet n wild and it is in the shade Wear Skinny Jeans which I think it’s a brilliant name. This is the first time that I buy something from wet n wild but I must admitt that this nail polish lasts a looooong time. I am in love and I honestly can’t stop wearin’ it! I found this nail polish in a drug store, so I’m pretty sure that you can find it in any drug store near you. I think that I’ll definetly go back and pick up a few more colours from this brand.

As for bracelets, if you follow me on Instagram you would have already seen these. These bracelets are by h&m and I’m absolutely obsessed. They have small stones on each end and I pair them with absolutely everything. My favorite of the three is the rose gold one. It has a pink stone on top that got me obsessed.

Like I said during the summer I like to play with colours. My favorite bag at the moment is by h&m. Would you believe me If I told you I paid it only 5€? Well that’s true. It was on sale and as soon as I saw it i knew it had to be mine. It has a little string with a fringe that gives it that extra touch that made me fall in love. And also it goes perfectly with my nails.

Last but not least, should I talk about these rings? How cool are they? They’re super thin so I can layer them as I want. Like everything in this post, they go amazing with a tan. I got them in h&m whilst on a crazy shopping trip. I haven’t took them off from the day I got them! Big shotout to h&m for their amazing jewelery. They really are stepping up their game!

I hope you guys have enjoyed this post. Let me know in the comments down below what are your summer essentials and what colours you’re corrently into!



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