The beauty of photographs…

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9 January 2015
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13 January 2015
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The beauty of photographs…

IMG_6996Sometimes when you see a dog, an old woman, a kid or a sunset you just need to stop and take a picture. I know that a lot of people say just live the moment and don’t waiste your time with pictures, videos or social networks. On one hand I do agree with this statement. But on the other hand, i think that sometimes you need to capture the beauty of the world we live in. Just to remember that sometimes the simple things are the best things that we can get.

The other day I was at the mall with one of my friends. I was waiting for him in front of a jewelery store, when all of a sudden he walks in, takes me by the hand and starts running towards the back door. We run up the staires and get up on the roof. When I finally had the chance to ask him what was going on he just said:” There is a beautiful sunset, you need to see it”. I looked up and it was true…

The sun was setting behind the mountains creating a red and yellow light that was brightening up the sky above us. He took out his phone from his pocket, got closer and snapped a picture. I looked at him and smiled. The first thing that came to my mind was how beautiful the sky was, but then I looked at him and I saw a simile on his face. He was probably thinking the same thing, it was truly beautiful. So I took my camera (what a perfect moment to have your canon with you XD) and I snapped a picture of him taking a picture of the sunset.

It was magical, cold and beautiful. I am so grateful he brought me on the roof to show me that crazy view. Mino I owe this picture to you 🙂

With this post I just wanted to tell you guys that sometimes pictures are worth more than a thousand words. Because only these pictures can show you the true beauty of that sunset.

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  1. Sometimes people don’t understand why i usually take picfurs. It’s just because i love that feeling when after some years i look at them and smile because of the amazing moments i had. I love your blog and your pictures, so now i’m gonna steal and post them on instagram and facebook ahah
    Love you honey. Can’t wait to share some amazing memories with you when you’ll finnally be in Milan. Xo

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