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1 November 2014
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13 November 2014
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Loose curls tutorial


Loose curls have always been my go to hair style. Everytime that I wake up and my hair is a complete mess, the first thing I do is curl it in a nice and bouncy shape. To get this look the only thing you will need is a good curling iron. I can’t tell you which one I am using, because I’ve been having it for years and I honestly don’t remember it’s brand. Remember to use a heat protector serum before starting to curl your hair, it will protect it form the heat. I used  L’Oreal Professional Liss Ultimate Heat Protectant Serum, but any serum or oil will do the job.

  1. Pull  half of your hair up into a bun


  2. Start curling your hair away from your face: take a small section of hair, clamp the end in the curling iron and twist the curling iron toword your face



    3. Keep curling until you’ve curled all your hair



      4. Spry a bit of hairspray to set the curls into place

 Thats it guys nice and easy!

Hope you enjoyed!



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